Scenario 1: Is SAP is right for me?

This guide offers practical advice for seasoned IT pros looking to move into SAP, certified but inexperienced people, recent college grads and many other scenarios.

  • Strong interest in technology
  • Past experience with related technology
  • Growing interest in the SAP field, but…
  • Lack of in-depth SAP market knowledge

Problem Analysis
So… SAP sounds interesting and you've heard it's a field with a lot of potential. But does it match your skills and experience, and perhaps most importantly, your goals and professional interests? It's important to address and answer these questions before even starting your plan to break into SAP.

As far as skills and experience goes, SAP is a wide field. If your previous experience covered Web technologies, like Visual Basic, ASP, Java, and server administration, then your learning curve may not be as steep. If you have been working in a field like security or finance, then you can target an area of SAP that is most related to your previous experience. Yet, the job market is saturated with people who want to work in SAP, so you will probably need extensive training and experience before you will reach a point that you can apply for a job in SAP. career expert Jon Reed advises, "As for training, my feeling is that for individual consultants there is really no substitute for training directly from SAP itself."

Regarding whether SAP is a match for your professional interests, only you can answer that question. You need to research the market and the type of work you envision yourself doing, then decide if it's worth the trouble to go down that educational path. Here are some resources that might help you in your research:


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