Scenario 1: I'm not sure if I need certification

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  • Curiosity about certification
  • Reluctance to dive in head-first to a new training course
  • Problem Analysis
    So you've heard that certification could boost your salary potential or provide a way to break into the competitive SAP job market. But you're not sure. Studying for certification takes a lot of money, not to mention time. Are the benefits really work the effort? Will certification really boost your resume that much?

    Problem Solution
    Certification is rarely listed as a requirement in posted SAP-related job openings. It can certainly be a path toward gaining SAP experience, but in many cases your work experience on your resume means a lot more to a potential employer than any piece of paper could. If funds are short and SAP certification would strain your budget, consider reading up on it on your own and then applying to work for a company that runs SAP. You may not be able to work directly with SAP in the beginning, but you'll have an advantage if an SAP position opens up in that you can try an interdepartmental transfer.

    That's not to say that SAP certification isn't nice to have, however. If you have the money and the time, it will definitely give you a boost if you were in competition with another job applicant with equal experience but no certification. Use certification as a way to gain new knowledge and broaden your horizons rather than as an intended means of breaking into the job market.

    "My experience, in general, is that 1% of SAP jobs require certifications, and about 10% consider it 'nice to have,' " writes expert Jon Reed. "At best, certification is a tie-breaker between two equally qualified applicants."

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