Scenario 1: Basis and NetWeaver

Jack-of-all-trades typically don't fare well in the SAP world. Instead, the key to success often lies in specialization. This guide will help identify a suitable niche for you.

What is the market outlook for jobs in Basis aministration? If you have a good deal of Basis experience, what's the way to make the most of it? Is Basis a skill set that's worth pursuing?

According to career expert Jon Reed, the outlook for SAP Basis jobs is good. But be forewarned, Basis is evolving and we're seeing increasing focus on NetWeaver technology. Focusing exclusively on Basis without considering NetWeaver would be akin to trying to break in as a Windows administrator by learning all about Windows 2000. While a good deal of companies are still running the latter, it's not long before it will be outdated by more recent versions.

If you are working in Basis or hoping to, stay on top of NetWeaver developments as well. Keep tabs on Web Application Server, as well as BW and security. Demand for NetWeaver skills will probably increase over the coming years, so for new professionals considering entering the market, it may be best to focus on NetWeaver rather than Basis. Another advantage of the Basis angle: many positions require in-person attendance, which provides some degree of outsource-proofing.

Being an integral part of the NetWeaver platform, XI is another area to watch. Not too many companies have embarked on XI projects, but more probably will in the future. More resources on this:




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This was last published in December 2005

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