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These SAP learning guides and SAP tutorials can help SAP users optimize their use of their SAP software applications, modules and technologies.'s learning guides and tutorials are designed to help SAP users optimize their use of SAP software...

modules, SAP enterprise applications, SAP development tools and other SAP technologies. Feel free to drop us an e-mail if you'd like us to cover other SAP technologies, processes or workflows in a learning guide or tutorial.

SAP HR training tutorial (
In this guide, learn how strategic planning for SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) can help companies manage employees. Get SAP HR reporting tips and techniques, learn the basics of SAP HCM and learn about SAP HCM implementation and integration. Decide whether a business case for SAP HR exists in your organization, plan an SAP HR implementation, and discover powerful tips and tricks for executing SAP HR projects on the ground.

SAP Basis training tutorial (
In this SAP Basis tutorial, learn about the composition, features, benefits and drawbacks of SAP Basis. Learn best practices for SAP Basis administration and the pitfalls to avoid. Explore articles on SAP Basis, as well as Basis tutorials, tips, tools, and expert advice.

SAP NetWeaver training tutorial (
Technical components of eSOA and NetWeaver, as well as associated methodologies such as Run SAP and business process management (BPM), allow users to maximize the return on investment (ROI). In this SAP NetWeaver tutorial -- designed to help executives, line-of-business managers, CIOs, IT developers, SOA architects and consultants -- learn about eSOA in NetWeaver and find out how NetWeaver technology and NetWeaver architecture are changing the face of SAP deployment and development.

SAP XI/PI training tutorial (
SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI), formerly SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure (SAP NetWeaver XI), serves as the integration engine for SAP's implementation of SOA middleware. But what is NetWeaver PI's role within the NetWeaver platform? What new features are in PI that XI didn't have? Learn how SAP included pre-built integrations for connecting SAP systems to each other and to non-SAP systems in this XI/PI tutorial.

SAP application security guide (
If you're like most IT professionals, security is at the forefront of your concerns. In this SAP application security guide, learn best practices for SAP security and applications security, get expert advice and step-by-step guides on SAP security and application security information.

SAP security guide (
In this guide, learn about SAP security, which encompasses IDocs and many forms of compliance such as SOX and HIPAA. Learn about authentication and RFID, as well as identity management and auditing.

SAP certification training guide (
Certifications can enhance your resume and provide an employer with verifiable proof of your knowledge in one particular area. But what do these expensive pieces of paper really mean in the SAP job arena? In this guide, find out how SAP certifications and training can help when competing in the SAP job market.

SAP CRM training tutorial (
Today, more than ever, being a forward thinker when it comes to customer relations is essential to driving revenue. Yet making your customer-centric vision a reality requires a reliable customer relationship management (CRM) solution. In this SAP CRM tutorial, learn about the functionality and benefits of SAP CRM. Find out where SAP CRM stacks up in the CRM market, evaluate if SAP CRM software is the right option for your business and find advice and tips for using SAP CRM.

SAP ERP Central Component (ECC 6.0) upgrade guide (
When looking to upgrade to SAP ECC 6.0, an SAP administrator should first look at how to complete an SAP ERP upgrade audit to determine which SAP components to upgrade. In this guide, learn best practices for SAP ERP upgrades and get resources for establishing an SAP ERP upgrade strategy. Find out how to build a successful business case for ECC 6.0 upgrade projects, how to get management on board for the project and how to make users aware of ERP upgrade benefits.

SAP and ERP for small business guide (
As a company grows, it's important to know how to expand systems and organize business data. ERP systems can help advance and improve your business processes as your business continues to expand. In this guide, learn how SAP ERP can benefit your business and get help evaluating SAP vs. other ERP systems. Learn about SAP, Oracle and SQL Server for SMBs.

SAP career advancement guide (
Most SAP professionals are constantly looking for advice and information on hot career trends and the best options in the IT market. Whether you're looking to make a drastic career change or simply advance your current position, find SAP expert advice, resources, articles and online learning tools designed to get you ahead and make you a valuable commodity in today's competitive SAP job market.

SAP job seeker's guide (
Trying to land an SAP job? In this SAP job seeker's guide, get expert advice, resources, news and online learning tools designed to get you ahead in your job search and make you a valuable commodity in today's competitive job market.

SAP BW training tutorial (
SAP's Business Information Warehouse (BW) is a comprehensive business intelligence product centered around a data warehouse that is optimized for SAP's R/3 environment. In this SAP BW training tutorial, find out why SAP BW is an integral component of the mySAP Business Intelligence group of products.

SAP NetWeaver BI training tutorial (
SAP business intelligence (BI) can help decision makers get better data,faster. In this tutorial, learn how SAP BI is used, get expert advice, tips and decision-making analysis. Plus, explore several case studies and business intelligence tools.

SAP RFID guide (
Have questions about SAP and RFID? Look no further. In this learning guide, find out what RFID is, who's using it, how it works with SAP and how the SAP RFID package enhances Supply Chain Management (SCM).

SAP BAPI training tutorial (
SAP Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) is a set of interfaces to object-oriented programming methods that enable a programmer to integrate third-party software into SAP R/3. In this guide, find out how SAP BAPI is used and where it fits into your integration development.

SAP service-oriented architecture (SOA) guide (
Trying to keep up with news and advice on building an enterprise service-oriented architecture (SOA)? Use this guide to learn the latest in SOA strategies and tactics, including how to build a SOA with SAP and Oracle applications. In every section, you'll discover best practices, research and advice to help you design an SOA strategy that best suits your organization.

SAP XI/PI All-in-One-Guide (
SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI), previously referred to as The SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI), is one of four core capabilities within NetWeaver. Get to know SAP's enterprise integration highway with this SAP XI/PI All-In-One guide. It discusses development, adapters, service-oriented architecture and more. Be sure to bookmark this guide because new content will be continuously added as companies transition to NetWeaver.

SAP CRM (customer relationship management) All-in-One-Guide (
The best CRM solutions include business processes like sales, marketing, analytics and forecasting. This CRM guide will introduce you to today's CRM market and SAP's CRM module. Learn how to build a business case for CRM or a CRM upgrade, then get a walkthrough of a successful SAP CRM implementation and read about SAP CRM best practices.

SAP master data management (MDM) tutorial (
Master data management refers to synchronizing "master data" -- a company's most important data about its customers, products or other assets -- for the enterprise. MDM systems manage master data from a central system, whose architecture can be a registry model, a repository or persistent model, or a hybrid approach. In this SAP MDM tutorial, explore master data management concepts, learn about SAP's MDM solution, and check out MDM best practices and SAP MDM case studies.

SAP security and compliance tutorial (
This compliance and security tutorial is a collection of resources designed to help SAP security professionals contribute effectively to their compliance programs. Each chapter addresses key concerns about regulations, process improvement and effective products. The goal is to help you build a risk management program that can meet regulatory expectations. Bookmark this guide and check back often for new material to put you ahead of the compliance curve.

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