SAP certification options -- checklist and resources

This career checklist from will help you decide if SAP certification is right for you.

You should never expect certification to be a cure-all for your resume woes. If you lack experience, certification will not open new doors. If you just want to learn and expand your knowledge, however, certification can be a great path to take. Peruse the links below to learn more about your certification options:

Frequently Asked Questions: Careers and certification
Is SAP certification for you?
SAP Career Advancement Learning Guide
SAP Job Seeker's Learning Guide
Navigating the SAP certification maze
Getting ahead in SAP

NOTE: Don't miss Considering certification's companion guides:

Considering certification

 Home: Introduction
 Scenario 1: I'm not sure if I need certification
 Scenario 2: I think certification might advance my career. Should I go for it?
 Scenario 3: I wonder if my current skills will help me get certified.
 Scenario 4: I'm certified. Why haven't I received a job offer?
 Scenario 5: Which certification will work the best for me?
  Review: Conclusion and more resources

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