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SAP BW, NLS and Hadoop: The top 10 SearchSAP HANA stories from 2013

From closer ties with Hadoop to migrating to SAP HANA and more, counts down the most popular HANA-related stories and videos from 2013.

There was a significant amount of progress in the SAP HANA roadmap throughout 2013, from the advent of being able to run the SAP Business Suite on HANA, to new tools for big data management. Here's a countdown of the 10 most-read HANA articles and videos, in reverse order:

10. The logic behind combining SAP HANA with Hadoop

At the annual SAP TechEd technical conference in October, SAP announced further support for the Apache Hadoop software library, which prompted SAP Chief Technical Officer Vishal Sikka to add that Hadoop was HANA's "best friend," in explaining how the two technologies complement each other.

In this video shot at the Las Vegas conference, consultant Chris Kernaghan talks about the move and why it makes sense for SAP.

9. IDC analyst assesses advances in SAP HANA in-memory technology

SAP has made noticeable progress in developing cloud options for deploying SAP HANA in-memory technology, including a managed cloud option and Software-as-a-Service applications, according to Henry Morris, IDC's senior vice president for worldwide software and services research.

In this video from the SAP Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, Morris explains why planning is so important when it comes to integrating HANA into an existing landscape, and offers tips on how to do it.

8. How does SAP HANA help with a customer-driven supply chain?

In this video, also shot in Orlando, IDC analyst Simon Ellis talks about how SAP HANA can help manufacturers and retailers better manage their supply chains.

7. Analyst: Focus on what SAP HANA can do for you

Too many businesses are hung up on looking for reasons why they can't use SAP HANA in their enterprise IT environment, according to analyst Cindy Jutras in another video from the 2013 SAP Sapphire Now conference.

"They have to look beyond where they think the barriers are. Instead of assuming that what couldn't be solved before can't be solved, assume that it can," said Jutras, principal of Mint Jutras, based in Windham, N.H.

6. Migrating to SAP HANA: Getting to the tough questions

Where does SAP HANA fit in for existing ERP users who may want to make the jump to running their SAP Business Suite software on the in-memory database platform?

This June piece in the Business Information e-zine gets into the questions concerning SAP HANA and the long-term plans of organizations that use it.

5. SAP NLS app, new HANA software changing data management

Dealing with large amounts of data is no easy chore -- even in SAP Business Warehouse environments.

The good news, according to business intelligence expert Ethan Jewett, is that a couple of new SAP technologies help manage that challenge. In this article, Jewett outlines the new tools, including a native near-line storage, or NLS, application and a new feature called Smart Data Access in the HANA database, which allows HANA to query data stored in other systems.

4. What is the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud?

Some of the HANA-related definitions on TechTarget's site rank high among our HANA- and in-memory-related content. Near the top is the definition for the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, a private cloud hosting service that SAP announced in the spring.

3. SAP HANA is a platform for innovation, says one analyst

Sure, the high-performance aspect of SAP HANA is interesting, analyst Josh Greenbaum says in this video shot at the 2013 Sapphire convention, but to focus only on that is to miss the greater point.

"More [importantly] … for customers and SAP, [is] using that HANA instance as a baseline of innovation on which you start building net-new innovation. Someone described it today as 'the innovation we haven't imagined yet,'" Greenbaum said.

2. Will customers want to run their ERP on HANA?

SAP announced in May that customers could begin running their SAP Business Suite software on the SAP HANA in-memory database. Amid SAP's claims of faster performance stands the question: Are the benefits enough to drive widespread adoption?

1. Are SAP HANA and BW slowly folding into one product?

As we noted in an earlier top-10 roundup, Ethan Jewett's expert column on how SAP Business Warehouse and SAP HANA are slowly merging into one product is also the most-read piece of the year. Make sure you take time to read Jewett's article detailing where the two technologies stand now, where they will be in a few years and where they might ultimately end up.

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