Resources for tackling SAP administration tasks

Learn how to overcome common administrator challenges and to be more productive working with SAP Basis in this new guide from Basis expert Giovanni Davila.

As you can see, we can tackle SAP administration tasks inside and outside the box. In this article, I have done my best to equip you with the right tools for these specific tasks as well as illustrating their usages.

The goal is to be ready to get involved designing interfaces, to do outside work while within the SAP application and to be able to determine what computers need an updated version of SAPGUI.

  • Take your time to assimilate what you have learned.
  • Test and practice as much as possible.
  • Take caution when using external commands and make sure that only the appropriate people can access transactions SM69 and SM49.

Last but not least, I want to remind you of my "Effortless administration" formula:

Knowledge + Scripts
-------------------------- = Effortless administration

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More resources

Overcoming Basis challenges inside and outside the box

  Home: Introduction
 Basis challenge #1: Triggering jobs inside and outside SAP
 Basis challenge #2: Reaching outside the application
 Basis challenge #3: Obtaining the SAPGUI version of all computers
 Review: Conclusion and more resources

Giovanni Davila, technical author and SAP Basis expert
Giovanni Davila is an expert in SAP administration on the Windows platform. He has authored critically-acclaimed books like SAP Basis Administration and SAP Basis Administration for Windows. He also wrote an article for the SAP Professional Journal titled System Database Copies – Made Easy.
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