Overcoming Basis challenges inside and outside the box

Learn how to overcome common administrator challenges and to be more productive working with SAP Basis in this new guide from Basis expert Giovanni Davila.

In my previous article Overcoming Basis challenges by reaching inside the database, I gave you some real problem scenarios, the challenges that arise while working with Basis, and of course, ways to overcome those challenges.

In this new article I will present three more challenges and tell you how to overcome them.

First, let me start with legacy systems and interfaces. You cannot talk about legacy systems without talking about interfaces. And you cannot talk about interfaces without talking about the challenges they bring.

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you could just reach outside the application to do something that requires access to the operating system or at the database level?

Have you ever been consulting across continents and run into a situation where you needed someone to restart an external service for you? I will teach you how to overcome this.

Here's another possible scenario: The IT department is asking you to help inventory all SAPGUI versions on their network. Have you ever had to determine the SAPGUI release for hundreds of computers? Or had to get down to the compilation and patch levels for those machines? You will learn how to do that quickly in this article.

Now, without further ado, let's get down to the technical stuff!

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Overcoming Basis challenges inside and outside the box

  Home: Introduction
 Basis challenge #1: Triggering jobs inside and outside SAP
 Basis challenge #2: Reaching outside the application
 Basis challenge #3: Obtaining the SAPGUI version of all computers
 Review: Conclusion and more resources

Giovanni Davila, technical author and SAP Basis expert
Giovanni Davila is an expert in SAP administration on the Windows platform. He has authored critically-acclaimed books like SAP Basis Administration and SAP Basis Administration for Windows. He also wrote an article for the SAP Professional Journal titled System Database Copies – Made Easy.
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