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ITKnowledge Exchange member "sillyITgirl" is researching for a career change. She went to ITKnowledge Exchange to ask SAP peers what experience she would need moving from ABAP to business information warehousing (BW). Fellow SAP stars posted their advice. Here is a portion of the conversation.

ITKnowledge Exchange member "sillyITgirl" had a question about what knowledge someone would need moving from ABAP to business warehousing, and fellow techies jumped in on the conversation and helped out. Here is a portion of the conversation. Read the rest of the thread.

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You can shift to BW coming from either an ABAP or functional consultant background.The advantages of the ABAP background is you will find it easier to understand the technical aspects of BW, such as when you need to create additional transfer structures or if you need to program any conversion routines for the data being uploaded, as well as being familiar with the source tables from SAP R/3.The advantage of coming from a functional consultant background is the knowledge of the business process. This is important when you're modeling new infocubes. You should be familiar with what kind of data/information your user needs and how they want to view/group the data together."WH4321" WRITES:
Moving into the BW arena is more than just understanding both ABAP and the knowledge of business processes. You will need to understand the aspects of efficient data modeling, process mapping into the right type of data model and also decide what is the most efficient way to manipulate/convert data when uploading within BW.Nevertheless, having ABAP knowledge is extremely helpful in many ways (like error analysis/debugging, realization of complex scenarios like N:M relations in a data model and variables of exit types).

ITKnowledge Exchange member "sillyITgirl" asked:
What is the most important prerequisite knowledge for a successful migration from ABAP to BW?

This was last published in May 2005

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