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From the Ariba Network to HANA, 10 looks at the SAP cloud

From HANA One to a SAP customer that left its provider for a cloud specialist, check out this wide-ranging collection of stories on the SAP on-demand universe.

There's no doubt that cloud software deployments are on the rise, especially in mixed-use deployments. But just how all of this is taking shape -- and what it means for customers – isn't always clear.

Here's a list of the best articles from It covers everything from recent SAP cloud initiatives like HANA One to where SAP's evolving cloud portfolio stands right now and how customers have been using the on-demand technology.

Mobile content firm tackles financial challenges with Ariba software

Content management software company Mediafly Inc. began using SAP's Ariba software to help manage finances and broker deals after one of the USA's three major television networks made them do it.

Read why Mediafly went along.

Check out this video with CEO John Evarts on how Mediafly is using the Ariba Network.

HCM software's future is looking up to the cloud

Traditional on-premises applications will continue to thrive, but human capital management (HCM) software innovations will come from innovative on-demand and mobile human resources applications, as well as from other areas, including in-memory technology and social media.

Read why some think cloud-based HCM software makes sense.

SAP Financials OnDemand debuts

SAP recently announced SAP Financials OnDemand, the cloud-based counterweight to its on-premises financials portfolio, which competes with other cloud vendors, such as Workday.

Read why SAP chose to base its on-demand financials software on its Business ByDesign ERP Software.

Company trades SAP systems integrator Capgemini for niche firm

Telling a large, trusted SAP systems integrator and consulting firm it no longer fits with the company's strategic goals and you're going with a smaller, niche provider is a lot like splitting with a longtime girlfriend, according to Don Whittington, chief information officer for Florida Crystals, a maker of natural and artificial sweeteners based in West Palm Beach, Fla. "Breaking up is hard to do," he said.

Read why Florida Crystals chose to put its SAP system in the cloud.

Mobile SAP EPM apps an easy way to adopt HANA in-memory, cloud

Financial groups looking to adopt SAP's new mobile enterprise performance management (EPM) apps have many alternatives, including a cloud-based strategy and in-memory option.

Learn more about the advantages and drawbacks of SAP EPM OnDemand.

SAP unveils new HANA in-memory database platform for Amazon cloud

SAP's Vishal Sikka announced the HANA One platform, which is designed to let companies test and run HANA applications in the Amazon cloud.

Read why one customer thinks HANA One would be helpful in getting larger HANA projects approved.

Analyzing the SAP TechEd 2012 news

Independent SAP analyst Jon Reed breaks down all the news coming out of SAP TechEd 2012, from HANA One to the SAP NetWeaver Cloud.

Learn what customers need to know about the HANA Cloud.

Get Reed's take on SAP's cloud strategy.

SuccessFactors now leading SAP cloud strategy, but questions remain

With SuccessFactors now fully responsible for consolidating the SAP cloud portfolio of products, the task of integrating the two organizations will certainly lead to winners and losers among SAP's existing products.

At SAP SapphireNow 2012, SAP co-CEOs Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe promoted the company's bold move into the cloud. The goal is to move everything to the cloud and to mobile platforms while still allowing customers the option to run on-premises software.

Read more about SAP's plans for SuccessFactors as well as its new Headlines analytics software.

SAP tells of a future built on in-memory, mobile and cloud

In May, SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe spoke about a future where innovation hinges on mobile devices, cloud applications and in-memory technology, as SAP did its best to convince people that it was the company best positioned to meet those challenges.

Snabe called it a "paradigm shift." Butare customers going for it? 

Survey: Not all SAP customers sold on migrating to the cloud

A new survey by the UK & Ireland SAP Users Group found that a majority of SAP customers polled aren't clear on how to migrate to SAP's growing portfolio of on-demand applications or what the benefits are if they do.

Read what SAP plans to do about it.

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