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Expert Advice: How to get the most out of SAP workflow

These articles feature all sorts of expert advice on how to use SAP Workflow, a tool that helps firms automate business processes.

SAP Workflow may not be sexy compared to some of today's hot technologies like in-memory databases and social collaboration tools, but many companies have long considered Workflow to be an integral part of their business. Many users also see it as a cost-effective tool that helps them save time and money by automating business processes. But just what does it take to use the application properly? In this collection of articles, IT industry experts share their advice on how to get the most out of SAP Workflow.  

The state of SAP Workflow

SAP Workflow has long been a staple in the SAP enterprise landscape. But is it still evolving?

Read how SAP Workflow works, and why some companies consider it essential to their operations.

With SAP Workflow, experts say simple works best

When it comes to designing and implementing financial processes with SAP Workflow, companies should keep things as simple as possible, according to experts.

Learn how to use SAP Workflow deadline monitoring to escalate workflow issues that aren't acted upon within a reasonable time.

Long a standard, SAP Workflow has its fans

Despite a few criticisms along the way, countless businesses have come to rely on SAP Workflow to facilitate and automate a wide range of approval processes.

Learn why experience is important when setting up workflows, according to one expert.

SAP Workflow add-ons expand workflow possibilities

Consider integrating add-ons to SAP Workflow to incorporate mobile and provide non-SAP users a way to participate in workflows.

What's an SAP Workflow add-on?

Seven questions to ask when evaluating SAP Workflow add-on apps

When reviewing third-party applications for SAP Workflow, companies should take into account user and IT experience.

Read why companies considering third party Workflow add-ons should first determine if they already have SAP Workflow capabilities built into their designs.

SAP Workflow offers potential for automating SAP ERP Financials

SAP Workflow helps companies manage and automate their financial approvals as well as create a record of those approvals for future audits.

Learn how companies can use SAP workflow for things like purchase orders and accounts payable invoices.

SAP Workflow an underused savings source with SAP ERP Financials

SAP Workflow can save companies time and money if implemented correctly. In this tutorial, get an expert overview of SAP Workflow and how it can help create key financial processes.

Find out why some companies fear automating financial processes, and why that's a mistake, according to one expert.

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