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Doing Objects in Visual Basic 2005

Working with .NET development? This book excerpt examines the business logic layer of Visual Basic 2005 development.

Doing Objects in Visual Basic 2005

Working with .NET development? This comprehensive guide to Visual Basic 2005 examines the nuts and bolts of object-oriented design, architecture, and development. The author walks you through core concepts, the process of building the user interface, business logic, and data access layers of an application, highlighting key VB 2005 techniques and best practices.

Chapter 5: Building the Business Logic Layer
This chapter is all about classes. Learn how to create classes and document them with XML, how to go about adding exception classes, defining properties and different methods for handling parameters, among other topics. Check it out today!

Reproduced from the book "Doing Objects in Visual Basic 2005," ISBN 0-321-32049-2, Copyright 2007. Written permission from Addison-Wesley is required for all other uses. Copyright © 2006 Addison-Wesley . All rights reserved.

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