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How to become an SAP consultant

Learn how to determine if you have the skills and the experience in SAP to become a freelance consultant in this career guide from

Many people dream of being their own bosses, and IT professionals are no exception. By becoming a freelance SAP consultant, you have your pick of projects and prospective clients. You can focus on the area of your highest interest and become an expert in it -- rather than simply taking orders from up above. You may also make more money and be less restricted in your course of action.

But the road to becoming an SAP consultant may not be an easy one. After all, if it were, then everyone would be a consultant instead of an employee. It takes careful planning and timing in order to make the leap without sacrificing your personal economic security.

Still, if you are at the right point in your career and if you have the right knowledge and experience, the leap is possible. If you have a little market knowledge and the willingness to take the time to learn and consider your path, your efforts will have the best odds of succeeding.

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 Scenario 2: Should I become a functional or technical consultant?
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