Considering SAP certification

Will certification really accomplish your goals? And if you are sure you want certification, how can you be sure what area to try? Get answers to these questions and more in our SAP certification guide.

Certification is prevalent in all areas of IT, and SAP is no exception. Certifications can enhance your resume and provide an employer with verifiable proof of your knowledge in one particular area. IT job seekers frequently spend large sums of money and time seeking these pieces of paper that document training and knowledge.

But is certification required to get a job in SAP? Will it open doors that were previously closed? It's important to consider your reasons for seeking certification and to have realistic expectations for what lies ahead. Certification can be a great idea if you are looking for new knowledge and learning, but you should not expect it to provide you with dozens of job offers.

If you want to get certified, be sure of what you are looking for before you spend the money. Will certification really do what you think it will? And if you are sure you want certification, how can you be sure what area to try? Read on to learn.

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Considering certification

  Home: Introduction
 Scenario 1: I'm not sure if I need certification
 Scenario 2: I think certification might advance my career. Should I go for it?
 Scenario 3: I wonder if my current skills will help me get certified.
 Scenario 4: I'm certified. Why haven't I received a job offer?
 Scenario 5: Which certification will work the best for me?
 Review: Conclusion and more resources

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