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Book excerpt: User management and security in SAP environments

This chapter from the SAP R/3 Handbook examines issues like Single Sign-On solutions, the SNC interface, digital signatures, encryption, PKI technologies and privacy protection.

SAP R/3 Handbook, Third Edition
This book offers complete coverage of installation, implementation, operation, and support issues. Full details on all the components, including SAP Web Application Server, SAP NetWeaver, the ABAP workbench, and more, are provided. Administration, security, and integration with other systems are also covered.

Chapter 8: User management and security in SAP environments
Every professional involved in modern SAP projects is aware that leveraging security technology and a sound security policy is mandatory. This chapter takes an in-depth look into Single Sign-On Solutions, the SNC (Secure Network Communications) interface, Digital Signatures, Data Encryption, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technologies, and Privacy protection for user data. There are additional sections explaining available security options for user authentication such as cookies, X.509 certificates for Internet connections, standards such as HTTP-SSL (Secure Service Layer), and new Web security services.

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