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Our SAP experts are here to answer any question you have about SAP. Here are the topics that we are covering today. Go ahead, give us your best shot!

Our SAP experts are here to answer any question you have about SAP. Below are the topics that we are covering today. Click a link to ask a question... go ahead, give us your best shot!

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Dear sir,
I did double gr for a same invoice. while iam taking monthly stock i goods issued the material ( 201). now in sap it showing miro pending. if i am reversing means my present stock will reduce. please give me a solution for this.
I am lavkush tripathi from india, I have done my B.Tec in computer science with 70% in 2012, so I am a job seeker and currently I struggling due to my carrier, I am narvas also in this time so please sir suggest me, what should I do in sap entry level???? means I am getting job as soon as possible. actually sir i want to put 2 year eperience.
thanks sir
What is the best way to sell inventory off to your suppliers?
I am trying to create an SAP Variant. My question is on the date values. My FROM date must be locked in at 06/01/2014, however I want the TO date to be dynamic (today's date). How do I do this?

My question is if invoices get posted than 2 document numbers created in PO one is 51..... And other one is 17....... , so is their anyway or T-code to get direct 17....... numbers for multiple PO numbers. Please advise
I work in the oil field If I fail a dot test is there a data base all employers see before hiring me. Or is it on my honor to tell them
is there any t code to get complete bulk PO description at a time in SAP
Hi Experts,

I am emailing you in regards to an IR/GR issue that I am unable to fix. I have tried every which way I can think of and have asked others and we are unable to correct. An invoice for Vendor A was originally posted to PO 4500123456/shipment 50627607.
We were asked to process the invoice against another PO 4500511345/shipment 50627607 which I have done. I tried to process a charge back to the first PO and we are unable to due to there being nothing to process against. The transportation team is unable to add the lines back to process a charge back to the PO because the shipment # is now tied to PO 4500511345.. I have blocked PO 4500511345 from paying out since the invoice was already paid when it posted to original PO. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
Hi,I want to do sap certification.I am from mumbai,india.I have done MCA.I want to know which modules are very good in market and which module should i opt for certification.Please help me regarding certification and different sap profiles and certification levels
when we tick inactive the customer in business partner master data then why that customer show in the list sales order list??
Hi, at which stage I cannot cancel sales invoice?
i want to create advance payment for vendors but after generating it should need to approval by any 1 of the person who is responsible but not by end user please help me out

Im currently working for a company and i am in charge of training people how to do work orders,and monitoring production. Im really inrested in persusing a career in sap. I only have expirience in Work orders and production. I want to know if you can get a job in just those fields. Work orders and production. If there is such a field whats the job tittle also that best fits that position?
using FM line item report, how i can show only the last step of commitment or actual, for example, if there is a PR then in it turned to PO then to Invoice, I want to show the invoice line only not the +/- previous records

Hi Experts,

I am facing the issue as below while working with SFTP to IDOC Pass through Scenario.

The messages are started sending to receiver R3 system and there it is getting delayed to post the IDOC messages.

IDOC_AAE receiver channel creates 120 IDOCs in SAP in 1 minute time with status-64 “IDoc ready to be passed to application”.

IDOC_AAE receiver channel keeps waiting for confirmation/acknowledgement from SAP.

IDOC_AAE receiver channel gets the confirmation/acknowledgement from SAP only once all the IDOCs gets completely posted in SAP with status 51 or 53. This is when SAP PO message status is changed to Delivered.

IDOC_AAE channel thread is blocked until the confirmation/acknowledgement is received from SAP and message is in delivering status (DLNG) for all the time.

Is there any way to resolve this waiting time?

Hi All,

I am facing a problem in webi report and description is mentioned below :

I am trying to add 2 objects in an existing universe with a join between them. While creating a webi report I am trying to add dimension from one object in result object pane and dimension from the other object in filter, it gives the following error: 

"A Filter is defined on an object that is incompatible with the object selected on the result objects pane. (WIS10702)". 

The join is proper, context is there, it is exported successfully to repository. And when I add dimension from both the objects and generate sql, it give two separate sqls rather that giving a proper one with join. 

On the other hand the same thing I am doing in new universe and and trying to create a webi document on top of the universe, there is no error and it generates proper sql with join between both objects. 

Looked through the internet for the problem but nowhere seems to this specific one. So any help will be much appreciated. 

I am doing a SAP ABAP course. I have already learned some basic ALV reports, ALV Interactive reports and customized tables. I want to know what reports and other tasks an ABAP developer with one or two year experience has to do in his daily office work? Can someone help me with some real report examples? what are some websites to learn and develop knowledge in ABAP reports and other things?
Hi All,

I just asking about the difference between MC48 report & MB5L reports, and why there is a difference in the stock value?
Hi - I wonder if I can pull a report out of SAP that will show me all the clearing document numbers processed through FBRA. This is for auditing purpose. Thanks.
Situation - 54 ea were on a Goods Receipt operator received 54 but 2 extra went into 902. Giving us 56 in our inventory. What would cause this?
Hi, can a credit analyst be allowed access to view vendor master records? Is there a SOD violation? Many Thanks!
What does no change documents check mean in the transaction type configuration in SAP CRM?
I want to know about code interface note in SAP.

Hello Everyone. I'm new to SAP. I have an issue that's been bugging me, if you could help, I would appreciate so much.

It's about the accruals G/L and Vendor accounts.

Let's say I have a minus balance on salary accruals g/l, which is due to the fact that the gross salary was posted on g/l but the payment was not done in the period. So the g/l was not cleared and now I have open items in the closed period and the balance is not zero.

Also, I have open items on vendors too as, let's say, the amount paid, but not cleared.

Opening that period and performing postings are not the option.

What can I do to post or at least clear the items in the closed period? Maybe Clear the documents with document date in the open period? Would that leave open items open? Or will they be cleared?

Also, if you suggest me something, please in a few words explain the internal audit perspective.

Thanks a lot in advance.


I'm trying to do Picking location determination. I did the below as follows

Shipping point X :Plant Y:SC 01: S loc. Z 

Then when I tried to do

Shipping point X :Plant Y:SC 01: S loc. Z1 it does not allow , but allows if I change the Storage condition to something else WHY ?

Dear SAP Expert.

If I need to print the same text  on every invoice for a specific customer.

For instance:
Customer A wants "123 Monkeybusiness" stated on the invoice body for each single invoice.

Customer B wants "456 Badgerlicense" stated on the invoice body for each single invoice.

Is there some customer master data avaible for specific texts on billing document?

Best regards!

Hi experts, I just started to use SAP, And wonder to know what is the best way to have cost report on SO, where sales is a smal project which has been considered as SO with one line?!
Can someone help in regards to SQ00

I need to get a list of all open purchase orders against a certain cost center. ONLY open POs, not PO's with "no further confirmations" and "no further invoices" checked.

How do I do that? I tried ME2K but that gives me POs that have those 2 boxes checked on them.  Help!

How can email multiple recepients a billing document (invoice) in Sap. The customer master housed a field that only default and allow one email recipient; how can multiple be emailed the same invoice in SAP. Thank you.
Im looking to run a report of fb60 postings on a service order for a specific vendor, is that possible?
I am wondering if there is any provision in SAP to have ONE maintenance plan, for two Main WorkCtr, i.e. Electrical and Mechanical doing PM on single equipment.