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SAP HANA in-memory analytics: Harness the power of real-time

The SAP HANA in-memory platform has moved to the cloud and, to some experts, has become a baseline of innovation. This guide provides news, analysis and advice on adoption, implementation and trends.


Companies are always trying to find the best way to store data in a meaningful format so that they can make better business decisions. Since the birth of data warehousing almost 30 years ago, numerous innovations in data management have been made, such as Hadoop and NoSQL. SAP has contributed High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA), a platform for processing high volumes of operational and transactional data in real time. According to experts, SAP HANA has established itself as a baseline for further innovation.

This Essential Guide contains news articles and videos filled with information -- from expert opinion to user experience and advice. Use this guide to see if SAP HANA is right for your organization, find tips on adoption and implementation, and discover what innovations SAP HANA may inspire in the future.


Adopting and implementing SAP HANA

The articles here will let you know if SAP HANA is right for your organization and also clarify the approaches to take during adoption and implementation.


HANA in-memory adoption easier with mobile SAP EPM apps

Not ready to fully commit to the HANA in-memory platform? You can still reap the benefits of in-memory computing by controlling the cloud from the new SAP EPM mobile apps. Continue Reading


Three approaches to HANA adoption

If you're considering SAP HANA and are not sure what route to take, learn about the three different but major approaches organizations have been using to implement HANA. Continue Reading


SAP must make the business case for SAP HANA to customers

Speed might be a big selling point for SAP HANA to IT, but according to a group of experts and customers, SAP must convince business people that SAP HANA is going to help them in other ways as well. Continue Reading

2Real-world examples-

SAP HANA users' experience and advice

Read news stories on the experiences of SAP HANA users and the advice they have for potential adopters.


HANA helps ARI stand out from other fleet management companies

ARI, a leasing and fleet management business, is using SAP HANA to enhance business intelligence and predictive analytics and differentiate itself from competitors. Continue Reading


How to know if SAP HANA is the way to go

Philip Adams, chairman of the U.K. & Ireland SAP User Group, helps clarify the benefits of SAP HANA and how to know whether or not it is right for your organization. Continue Reading


Mastering SAP HANA data modeling

Expert Don Loden describes the different types of modeling in SAP HANA and explains how to build data structures that will support maximum performance at all levels within SAP HANA. Continue Reading


SAP HANA and the cloud

SAP HANA has moved to the cloud. The articles in this section detail the steps SAP has taken to ensure that its HANA in-memory platform is accessible to cloud customers and looks at some of the new cloud-based products, such as SAP HANA One.


SAP HANA goes to the cloud

SAP sends HANA in-memory analytics to the cloud to power enterprise applications and middleware. Continue Reading


SAP plans for more cloud options around HANA platform

SAP has centralized its operations around the HANA platform to make room for future cloud options. Continue Reading


SAP HANA One platform meets Amazon Web Services in the cloud

SAP's HANA One platform allows customers to use HANA-based applications in the Amazon Web Services cloud. Continue Reading

4SAP HANA trends and innovation-

Videos describe what's ahead for SAP HANA

In these videos, several experts weigh in on the innovations of SAP HANA and predict future trends. Learn about a new managed cloud option and a growing collection of cloud-run business applications, plus the potential of HANA in-memory technology to help businesses manage their supply chains.


IDC analyst pleased with SAP HANA cloud app advances

Henry Morris, IDC's senior vice president for worldwide software and services research, says SAP has made great strides in its HANA in-memory technology and cloud tools.


Customer-driven supply chain powered by SAP HANA?

Simon Ellis, former supply chain director of Unilever and now a practice director at IDC Manufacturing Insights, discusses the potential of HANA in-memory technology to help manufacturers and retailers better manage their supply chains.


SAP HANA in-memory platform to get even more interesting, says expert

Joshua Greenbaum, president of Enterprise Applica¬tions Consulting, discusses the present and future of the SAP HANA platform and what that new innovation will bring.

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Very concise and to the point. How does Leonardo influence HANA now?