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Stay ahead of SuccessFactors integrations and implementations


In the six years since it acquired SuccessFactors, SAP has made the SaaS human capital management platform its prime HR offering. With that in mind, SAP also pushes SuccessFactors integrations with other SAP products, such as the on-premises SAP HCM suite, certain financial applications and key cloud services, including Concur and Fieldglass.

SuccessFactors comprises HR capabilities for recruiting, onboarding, time and attendance, compensation management, learning and development, performance management, workforce planning and people analytics. The hub of SuccessFactors is Employee Central, a suite of core HR applications built on a data repository of employee records. Employee Central also offers employee self-service functions for workers to manage their benefits and other HR-related tasks.

SuccessFactors integrations also include tie-ins with SAP S/4HANA, as S/4HANA is designed to work with Employee Central in the cloud. Although SAP has announced that on-premises support for SAP HCM will continue until 2030, the company's longer-term plans are to move HR customers to SuccessFactors.

This guide takes you through SuccessFactors implementation advice, ideas about SuccessFactors integrations, expert tips on using Employee Central and other functions, and analysis on where SuccessFactors stands in the HCM market.


SuccessFactors integrations and rollouts

Explore SAP's push to the cloud with SuccessFactors and how S/4HANA fits in.


SAP offers help with moving HCM to the cloud

Thousands of SAP customers -- especially in Europe -- are still using the on-premises SAP HCM suite. The vendor's Upgrade2Success program is designed to help with the early stages of moving to SuccessFactors. Continue Reading


Workforce planning by the numbers

By integrating SuccessFactors with its SaaS-based RealSpend software, SAP gave managers more tools for relating workforce analytics to financials and potentially improving their strategic and operational planning. Continue Reading


SuccessFactors and HANA influence HR buying decisions

Get advice on how to evaluate SAP HR modules, especially with related S/4HANA features that are now part of the mix. Continue Reading


S/4HANA HCM mandate puts SAP on the defense

Confusion resulted from SAP's decision to extend on-premises HCM support until 2030 -- with the catch that those customers need to migrate to S/4HANA HCM. Continue Reading


SuccessFactors might be your ideal HR choice

SuccessFactors scores high in core HR, integration, workforce planning and data analytics. Continue Reading


6 technologies to aid SuccessFactors integrations

SuccessFactors can take advantage of multiple integration technologies, including APIs and SAP packaged integrations. Continue Reading

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SuccessFactors advice, tips and tricks

Read expert advice on how to better use SAP SuccessFactors, including Employee Central.


5 questions about on-premises S/4HANA HCM

Our answers clear up confusion surrounding SAP's plans to transition customers from SAP HCM to S/4HANA HCM. Continue Reading


SuccessFactors Employee Central extensibility allows 'customization'

Achieve customizationlike capabilities for employee self-service and data propagation within Employee Central. Continue Reading


Tips to move your HRIS to Employee Central

Read these five pointers as you contemplate moving a core HRIS to SuccessFactors Employee Central. Continue Reading


Ideas to better administer Employee Central

Five Employee Central features can offer your HR system more flexibility. Continue Reading


What can employees do with the SuccessFactors mobile app?

Take a quick look at activities and processes that you can perform using the SuccessFactors mobile app. Continue Reading


A primer on using SuccessFactors support

When interacting with SuccessFactors support reps, be ready to give them an accurate description of the steps you took to reproduce an issue with the software. Continue Reading


After go-live, how to manage a SuccessFactors system

If you're new to SuccessFactors, take these steps to create an in-house support team. Continue Reading


SuccessFactors trends and insights

Find out how SuccessFactors fits into the overall move of HCM to the cloud --and to digital HR in the broader sense.


Assessing the state of the SuccessFactors platform

SuccessFactors President Greg Tomb explains the architecture, its SAP HANA foundation and the migration path from on-premises HCM. Continue Reading


Inside the SuccessFactors employee experience

In a Q&A, Brigette McInnis-Day, chief HR strategy and digital transformation executive (and now also COO) at SuccessFactors, describes the role of SuccessFactors and SAP technology in keeping employees happy, motivated and productive -- and when technology isn't always the answer. Continue Reading

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