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SAP S/4HANA migration: What you need to know


The road to SAP S/4HANA will be neither smooth nor straight, but it is one that SAP customers will have to take eventually.

The question is not whether you should make an S/4HANA migration, as SAP will eventually transition everyone off of the legacy ERP platforms -- the conventional date given for the end of support is 2025. So, the question then becomes: When and how are you going to get on the road, and what will the final destination look like? SAP provides a roadmap to S/4HANA, but as with a car trip, a roadmap can only provide so much information. It can show you the marked roads and highways, the cities and towns along the way, and the geographic features of the landscape, but it can't show you the best roads to take or what obstacles you might face on the way. The roadmap also can't provide the experiences of those who have made the trip before you.

So, when you start planning that SAP S/4HANA migration, let this essential guide take you beyond what the roadmap provides.

SAP customers contemplating an S/4HANA migration have much to consider before they travel the first mile. What's the ultimate goal for the project? What are the best deployment options: on premises, cloud, hybrid? If it's cloud, will it be private, public, a combination?

Then, there are myriad technical and business process decisions that have to be made. Can you build a strong business case? How will the technical architecture look? What applications and platforms need to be integrated? What will the data strategy be? How will you deal with existing business processes or create new ones? Will you start small and roll out modules gradually, or do it all in a big bang?

Start your S/4HANA migration here.

1Problem solve-

Advice, tips and tricks

Get expert advice on S/4HANA migration problems and questions.


Why even migrate to S/4HANA?

Convergent IS Managing Partner Shaun Syvertsen outlines factors to consider when deciding whether to make the move. Continue Reading


What's your deployment pleasure: S/4HANA on premises or in the cloud?

The cloud promises easier management, among other benefits, but most S/4HANA customers are still deploying S/4HANA on premises. Continue Reading


S/4HANA option plays

S/4HANA deployment options are plentiful, but plenty confusing. Here's a guide to the available on-premises, private and public cloud, and hybrid options and some of the pros and cons of each. Continue Reading


SAP broadens public cloud options

An analyst and an SAP partner explain how being able to run S/4HANA on AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure can ease deployment. Continue Reading


Taking account of S/4HANA Finance

Here are seven features of S/4HANA Finance that promise to radically alter the way CFOs deal with enterprise finance. Continue Reading

2Case studies-

Real-world examples

Find out how organizations are making the transition to S/4HANA, and read examples of how S/4HANA is at the core of real digital transformations.


Heading for the cloud

Moving to S/4HANA Cloud opens possibilities for companies to improve productivity and performance. Continue Reading


Public cloud service announcement

Moving S/4HANA and other mission-critical applications to Microsoft Azure is projected to save millions for City & Guilds Group. Continue Reading


Ticketing digital transformation

S/4HANA fuels Sabre's transition from ticket reservation system to full travel management platform. Continue Reading


The cloud spurs innovation

Adita Technologies discovers that S/4HANA Cloud helps manage its growth and creates a platform for innovation. Continue Reading


S/4HANA Finance provides a beachhead

New York Life used the S/4HANA accounting module -- among the first applications released -- to consolidate and manage data on $528 billion worth of assets. Continue Reading


Inside information and evaluation

Delve more deeply into the questions and issues around a move to S/4HANA.


What's the best cloud for you: public or private?

For a long time, there was little choice for S/4HANA customers, but public cloud options are increasing. Find out the pros and cons of each cloud deployment option. Continue Reading


S/4HANA's core digital business values

S/4HANA adopters discuss how the platform enables revolutionary business model changes. Continue Reading


Start preparing your infrastructure now

Although you have years before SAP finally ends support for legacy ERP systems, some experts advocate that you begin building your infrastructure now or risk falling too far behind. Continue Reading


Not so fast on the S/4HANA migration

There are many good reasons to begin a move to S/4HANA, but here's why many SAP customers are happy to stay with SAP ERP. Continue Reading


Don't neglect the data

Bob Border, formerly of Pregis, explains why cleaning and managing data are some of the most important aspects of an S/4HANA migration. Continue Reading

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