How SAP is handling the social media explosion

Last updated:December 2013

Editor's note

SAP is keeping up with the exploding popularity of social media, offering products to help organizations examine data and personalize the customer experience with sentiment analysis and real-time analytics. Businesses can use SAP's social media tools to more fully understand market trends through the social Web, as well as track their own successes and failures.

In this guide, find out how SAP has integrated social media into some of its existing platforms and what new social media software it has to offer. Discover how SAP is trying to make social collaboration easier by supporting open programming interfaces to make it easier for companies to create collaborative applications for better decision making. And finally, find out once and for all the difference between social media and social collaboration.

The articles in this guide provide real-world advice and information regarding SAP social media and what it can do for your organization.

1Best practices and advice on SAP social media

Social media means nothing if an organization doesn't use it efficiently. Shopping for software requires research, planning, experimenting with different vendors, and knowing exactly what works -- and what doesn't -- for your business' objectives. Read some advice from users and experts who have shopped the market for SAP social media and social collaboration software -- and yes, there is a difference between social media and social collaboration. Learn more here.

2SAP, the NFL and the NBA get social

Social media is an unstoppable phenomenon right now, and SAP is making the effort to ensure it is up to speed on the latest social media technology -- and it isn't starting small. SAP has entered the sports world: Learn how the NBA and the NFL are using SAP technology to analyze data and engage with their fans.