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How SAP is handling the social media explosion

Discover the steps SAP is taking to incorporate social media into many of its existing platforms, and learn about its newest offerings.


SAP is keeping up with the exploding popularity of social media, offering products to help organizations examine data and personalize the customer experience with sentiment analysis and real-time analytics. Businesses can use SAP's social media tools to more fully understand market trends through the social Web, as well as track their own successes and failures.

In this guide, find out how SAP has integrated social media into some of its existing platforms and what new social media software it has to offer. Discover how SAP is trying to make social collaboration easier by supporting open programming interfaces to make it easier for companies to create collaborative applications for better decision making. And finally, find out once and for all the difference between social media and social collaboration.

The articles in this guide provide real-world advice and information regarding SAP social media and what it can do for your organization.


The latest in SAP social media

What is SAP doing to meet its customers' needs for social media and social collaboration? Quite a bit, actually. It has integrated Twitter with its CRM product and created a new social media platform called SAP Jam. Plus, SAP StreamWork supports the open programming standard OpenSocial to make it easier to collaborate. SAP is also exploring the benefits of sentiment analysis and how to put it to good use. Find out how.


SAP integrates Twitter into its CRM product

SAP is incorporating social media into its CRM products for better, more modern customer service. In this video, SAP demonstrates its Twitter integration. Continue Reading


SAP rolls out new social collaboration platform

SAP's new social media platform, SAP Jam, combines elements of collaborative social media software from both SAP and SuccessFactors, a maker of online human capital management software it acquired in early 2012. Continue Reading


SAP Jam keeps social collaboration moving forward

SAP continues to keep an eye on the future of social collaboration. SAP Jam now has workflows that support a number of business scenarios and adds social media tools that can help advance an organization's objectives. Continue Reading


Are social media listening tools the answer to smooth social collaboration?

Social media listening tools help manage a company's presence in social channels, but challenges remain. If a problem surfaces in a company's social media channels, it moves fast and gaining control of that stream can be difficult. Continue Reading


SAP social media turns an eye to sentiment analysis

Sameer Patel, global vice president and general manager for enterprise social and collaborative software at SAP, discusses how social media can best be used in an organization. He also examines the role of sentiment analysis and what SAP is doing to meet its customers' needs for social media and social collaboration. Continue Reading


OpenSocial supported by SAP

SAP's StreamWork now supports the open programming standard OpenSocial, a move intended to make it easier for other companies to create applications for the collaborative decision-making application. Continue Reading

2Best practices-

Best practices and advice on SAP social media

Social media means nothing if an organization doesn't use it efficiently. Shopping for software requires research, planning, experimenting with different vendors, and knowing exactly what works -- and what doesn't -- for your business' objectives. Read some advice from users and experts who have shopped the market for SAP social media and social collaboration software -- and yes, there is a difference between social media and social collaboration. Learn more here.


Know the difference between social media and social collaboration

Social media and social collaboration sound like interchangeable terms, but they really aren't. Expert Dave Michels clarifies the differences. Continue Reading


How to decide between SAP or best-of-breed text analytics software

"What's the plan?" should be the first question companies ask before deciding which text analytics software vendor to deploy, according to experts. Organizations should know what they want out of the software before shopping around for it. Continue Reading


SAP customers should practice due diligence when buying text analytics software

Hanns Koehler-Kruener, a research director at Stamford, Conn.-based IT research firm Gartner Inc., recommends that in addition to asking questions when buying text analytics software, companies should test several text analytics products and compare the results. Continue Reading

3Case studies-

SAP, the NFL and the NBA get social

Social media is an unstoppable phenomenon right now, and SAP is making the effort to ensure it is up to speed on the latest social media technology -- and it isn't starting small. SAP has entered the sports world: Learn how the NBA and the NFL are using SAP technology to analyze data and engage with their fans.


SAP analytics helps 49ers leverage social media

The San Francisco 49ers, one of the National Football League's most storied teams, is now using a new cloud-based SAP analytics application to help scout and evaluate which athletes to draft. The project also gave SAP the opportunity to ramp up its efforts to build a mobile platform upon which sports organizations can build customer loyalty and related applications. Continue Reading


NBA connects to fans with SAP HANA and social media integration

The NBA is running its fan site on SAP HANA, an in-memory database platform, with tight integration to social media tools so users can share the glut of information and statistics on the league's teams. Continue Reading


Terms relating to SAP social media

Learn some of the commonly used terms regarding SAP social media.

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I am researching a question about SAP and regarding how to store info regarding social media.  For example I can store it in customer master in E-mail tab by creating multiple 'dummy' E-mails and populating the social media info in the notes section.  OR I can create new partner types for Facebook, Instagram,Twitter,...
But is there a better / easier way? 
Where would you store all the social media activities and relevant data?