A guide to SAP SCM software

Last updated:November 2013

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Supply chain management is a key component to an organization's success, so having the right software to assist in supply chain management is important. SAP SCM software is varied enough to provide flexibility and affordability in today's global marketplace, in addition to helping organizations strengthen their relationships with suppliers, customers and vendors on an international scale.

But where to start? SAP SCM software is large and diverse, and choosing the functionalities that best suit an organization can be overwhelming. This section provides an overview of some of the basics in SAP SCM software, including case studies of international organizations that have successfully implemented SAP SCM software. Additionally, there are video interviews of SAP SCM software users who give their experience and advice regarding SAP SCM software implementation and integration.

Continue reading for more information and advice on choosing and implementing the right SAP SCM software for your organization.

1Business case studies for SAP SCM

Many large, international organizations use SAP SCM software, and this section provides case studies of several -- and varied -- businesses that have successfully implemented SAP SCM modules. Read why Ace Hardware chose SAP Financials over Oracle and hasn't looked back, and discover why Indigo Books chose to implement SAP Extended Warehouse Management despite some functionality challenges. Mediafly saw an increase in revenue by adopting Ariba, and Varian Medical Systems has met compliance across the supply chain with SAP Product Life Management. Read on for more case studies in SAP SCM software.

2Quiz on SAP SCM software

How much do you know about SAP SCM software? Test your knowledge with this short quiz.