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A guide to SAP HR management

Get the most out of your SAP HR environment.


Human resources is the department that handles an organization's personnel data. Human capital management (HCM) is a newer term and takes the approach that employees are company assets. Either way, employee data needs to be managed, and organizations should decide whether they want an HR management system in the cloud or on-premises.

SAP HCM is an on-premises system that services HR functions such as compliance, payroll, personnel files and benefits administration. In December 2011, SAP announced its acquisition of SuccessFactors, signaling SAP's commitment to the cloud while maintaining its commitment to its HCM products. With both on-premises and cloud HR offerings, SAP is a leading provider of HR systems.

This guide details the evolution of SAP HCM, discusses SAP's acquisition of SuccessFactors and provides three implementation case studies. In short, this guide will help you make the most of your HR environment.

1Evolution of SAP HCM-

SAP Human Capital Management

SAP HCM is part of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) that handles employee records and provides a framework to automate HR services like payroll, benefits, personnel activity and compliance. The advent of the cloud has made it easier for international companies to keep track of their workforces, and SAP's acquisition of SuccessFactors, a cloud-based human resources information system, has created a broad offering of on-demand and on-premises HCM solutions.


More efficient payroll with SAP HCM

HR departments always want a precise, smooth-flowing method to produce payroll, and they can find it in SAP HCM. In this SAP Press book chapter excerpt, learn how SAP HCM functions can help HR accurately and efficiently process and record payroll data. Continue Reading


SAP HCM looks to the cloud

The workforce has become more global and more mobile, so HCM is keeping pace with on-demand and mobile applications that allow people outside the office to access HR and manage their business. Continue Reading


SAP HCM customers to benefit from SuccessFactors, though roadmap unclear

Jarret Pazahanick, an SAP HCM consultant with EIC Experts, a Houston-based IT consulting firm, says that although SAP's acquisition of SuccessFactors has raised questions about SAP's on-demand strategy, SAP HCM customers will ultimately benefit. Continue Reading


SAP shapes its HCM-SuccessFactors collaboration plan

SAP maps out its strategy, core on-premises HCM and its newest acquisition, SuccessFactors. Continue Reading


HCM software integration easier with PaaS

Find out how Platform as a Service (PaaS) is making it easier to solve some legacy HCM software integration issues and lighten the load for IT. Continue Reading

2SAP HCM and the cloud-

SAP HR management and the cloud

Many companies are planning to implement new HR systems, so the race to the cloud is on for SAP, Oracle and Workday. With its acquisition of SuccessFactors, SAP has made itself a leading contender, putting all their cloud products under the SuccessFactors umbrella. Read more to learn how to present a successful business case for cloud HCM and take advantage of what cloud HR has to offer.


Selling cloud HCM to your CFO

Rebecca Wettemann, research vice president at Boston-based consultancy Nucleus Research, shares tips on how to present a successful business case for cloud HCM to your chief financial officer. Continue Reading


SAP HCM ready for the race to the cloud

According to analyst group Bersin by Deloitte, nearly 60% of organizations are planning to implement new HR systems, creating a race to the cloud for SAP, Oracle and Workday. Continue Reading


SuccessFactors the core of SAP HCM cloud strategy

SAP makes SuccessFactors its main weapon in the battle against Oracle and Workday for HCM cloud domination. Continue Reading


SAP consolidates cloud products portfolio with SuccessFactors

Is SAP taking a gamble by putting all its cloud products under the SuccessFactors umbrella? William Newman, managing principal of Newport Consulting Group, weighs the odds. Continue Reading


SuccessFactors a boon for SAP cloud performance

SuccessFactors lives up to its name, allowing SAP to accelerate its strategy into becoming the leading cloud provider. Continue Reading

3Case studies-

SAP SuccessFactors in action

SAP SuccessFactors has made SAP a leading HR cloud provider, and not without good reason. Its capabilities are impressive, and many companies are ready to adopt cloud HR. The following are case studies of three companies that have adopted SuccessFactors. Find out why each company decided to choose SuccessFactors, how the implementation was done and what effect SuccessFactors has had on their HR operations overall.


Insurance firm uses SAP SuccessFactors to streamline recruitment

SSP, an insurance and IT services firm based in the U.K., has implemented SAP SuccessFactors to improve their recruitment and skills development. Continue Reading


Manufacturer turns to SAP SuccessFactors for improved performance management

Find out how Blount International, an equipment manufacturer based in Portland, Ore., engaged its employees and improved performance management with SAP SuccessFactors. Continue Reading


Welcome Break Group 'wowed over' SAP SuccessFactors

Read why Welcome Break, a U.K.-based group that runs highway service stations and hotels, bypassed the HR system its own payroll software provider offered in favor of SAP SuccessFactors. Continue Reading

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