SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence)

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SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) is an SAP application for synchronizing manufacturing operations with back-office business processes and standardize data. It functions as a data hub between SAP ERP and operational applications, such as a manufacturing execution system (MES), and provides analytics and workflow tools for identifying problems in the production process and improving its performance.

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As its name implies, SAP MII consists of two main components. The integration component uses Web standards, such as the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and the Java programming language, to link SAP ERP and related business applications, including customer relationship management (CRM), with plant-floor applications in a consistent user interface. It employs Web server technology to extract and aggregate data from multiple sources and make it accessible from a variety of devices. When paired with SAP Plant Connectivity software and run on the HANA in-memory database, SAP MII can help to enable global visibility into manufacturing operations.

The intelligence side is intended to provide real-time analytics of manufacturing operations, using visualization tools and dashboards to show key performance indicators (KPIs) and alerts. Operations managers, business executives, plant employees and suppliers can use these features to make short-term production decisions. SAP MII can also help manage continuous improvement programs, such as Lean Six Sigma.

SAP MII (or xMII, in SAP parlance) works within a single plant or across multiple plants, business units and geographies.

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