Contributor(s): Todd Morrison

SAP Jam is SAP's cloud-based social media platform.  

SAP Jam allows employees to collaborate and share documents and ideas around a topic or goal, instead of having to do so through emails and other avenues that are harder to manage and track.

SAP Jam combines elements of SAP's prior social collaboration platform, SAP StreamWork with SuccessFactors Jam, a collaboration platform that SAP acquired when it purchased SuccessFactors, a maker of on-demand human resources software. Whereas both SuccessFactors Jam and SAP StreamWork were largely standalone applications loosely tied to some of SAP's enterprise applications, SAP Jam is integrated with such SAP ERP modules to bring social collaboration to individual departments, such as human capital management (HCM), customer relationship management (CRM), and sales.


This was last updated in January 2014

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I remember SOP, Sales and Operations Planning well as I taught it and implemented it for SAP as a Platinum Consultant. The work that has been done to streamline and improve the process is a major step forward. The work I see that has been done in this area is always going require constant improvement. That is my comment as a former SAP consultant( Platinum ) whose area of concentration is MRP/DRP, the costing of the process, and the costing of the process including what was then SOP.