SAP Gateway

Contributor(s): Todd Morrison

SAP Gateway is an open standards-based framework that developers can use to more easily connect non-SAP applications to SAP applications. It is also used to connect to and access SAP applications from mobile devices. As a result, it is a chief enabler of some of SAP's newest and most prominent technologies, including the SAP Mobile Platform and SAP Fiori.

Developers can use SAP Gateway to connect to SAP software applications by using any programming language or model without the need for SAP knowledge by leveraging REST services and OData and ATOM protocols, according to SAP.

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SAP changed the name from SAP NetWeaver Gateway to SAP Gateway in the spring of 2014.  SAP deleted the "NetWeaver" moniker in a number of products to illustrate these technologies "support platforms and deployments beyond core SAP NetWeaver."

This was last updated in August 2014

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