SAP Digital Consumer Insight

Contributor(s): Jim O'Donnell

SAP Digital Consumer Insight is a data-as-a-service product from SAP designed to give brick-and-mortar businesses, such as retailers, the same kinds of digital information about customers that Web businesses can obtain. This includes information about where customers shopped before they entered a particular business, what items they browsed before making a selection and the amount of time they spent shopping. The privacy of individual subscribers is preserved because the data is made anonymous.

SAP Digital Consumer Insight draws information about consumer activity and location from the Sybase mobile services platform. Mobile data accrued for specific points-of-interest and at specified time periods is available in reports that registered users can purchase from the SAP Store. Types of information that are available include the percentage of males and female customers that were at a specific location at during a specific time period, the average age range of those customers, their zip codes and the operating system their mobile device used. Thie goal of gathering and purchashing this type of information is to help businesses design targeted sales promotions and marketing campaigns.

At the time of its release in 2016, SAP Digital Consumer Insight used only data from U.S. mobile networks, but additional geographies are expected to be added according to the vendor. Customers can purchase the insights directly from the SAP Store, either in a single file or a bundle of five files.

View a demonstration of how to use Digital Consumer Insight.

This was last updated in July 2016

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