KW (Knowledge Warehouse)

KW (Knowledge Warehouse; formerly called the Advanced Training Solution) is a product from SAP that provides tools for the development, exchange, integration, translation, and transfer of enterprise knowledge in various media. The SAP KW includes methods to enable integration into a wide variety of information systems. As an option, the KW can include reusable and modifiable SAP content, such as data models, product information, training materials, and documentation.

According to consultant and author Stanley Davis, "Information is about taking data and putting it into a meaningful pattern. Knowledge is the ability to use that information." Thus, a knowledge warehouse comprises not just data, but information and applications that help an enterprise use its data to best advantage, such as procedural knowledge, business rules, best practices, directories, and decision support systems. In addition to the business sector, knowledge warehouses are used in a variety of other environments, including educational, security, justice, and medical systems.

This was last updated in September 2005

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