Internet Transaction Server (ITS)

An integral component of SAP's mySAP product group, the Internet Transaction Server (ITS) is the interface that enables efficient communication between an R/3 system of applications and the Internet. The ITS links an R/3 application server and a Web server, controlling the flow of data between them and enabling user access to Internet application components (IACs), which are Web-enabled business applications for the R/3 system. Transactions are executed within the R/3 system. The ITS adds a presentation layer: it presents an HTML page for each transaction screen, and uses templates to incorporate changes. 

The ITS is made up of WGate and AGate. When a user, who may be located anywhere with Internet access, enters or clicks on a URL to request an ITS service (an Internet application based on an IAC), their Web browser passes the request to the Web server. The Web server then passes the request to the WGate, which resides as a server extension on the same computer . The WGate establishes a connection and forwards the requests from the Web server to the AGate, which may or may not be on the same computer. The AGate processes the requests and sends relevant data to the R/3 application. The AGate retrieves data from the application, processes it into an HTML page and sends it back to the WGate. The WGate passes the page to the Web server which, in turn, sends it back to the requesting system.

Another component of the ITS is a Windows NT service called ITS Manager. ITS manager initiates and stops AGate processes and monitors them during runtime. Currently available only for the Windows NT platform, the ITS may in the future be made available for other platforms.

This was last updated in July 2007

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