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Last updated:June 2021

Editor's note

One way or another, Sapphire Now 2021 was going to be a conference about resilience and adaptability, as the COVID-19 pandemic challenged SAP customers -- and SAP itself -- as they tried to not just stay in business but perhaps even thrive.

The health scare and shutdowns forced organizations to turn to the cloud to stay connected and conduct more business virtually. For SAP, the crisis turned into an opportunity to jumpstart its efforts to modernize its ERP ecosystem by moving more elements to the cloud and sweetening the deal for customers.

Sapphire Now 2021, though held online like the 2020 show, anchors a more optimistic year in which SAP has set out to make the move to its next-generation ERP, S/4HANA, easier through its new Rise with SAP service. Tighter integration with the SAP Business Network and more industry-specific offerings promise new routes to the intelligent enterprise.

1News from Sapphire

SAP relaunched and expanded the SAP Business Network, RISE with SAP digital transformation service and Upscale Commerce platform as CEO Christian Klein emphasized sustainability and community in his keynote.

2SAP tools for digital business

Sapphire Now 2021 was focused on technologies for building an intelligent enterprise and integrating it into B2B and B2C communities. Hear from users and analysts on the latest offerings from SAP.

3SAP developments leading up to the conference

Learn about SAP's newest initiative to entice legacy ERP owners to the cloud, understand the role of S/4HANA and business networks such as Ariba and Concur in digital transformation and read what industry analysts expected from Sapphire Now 2021.