• July 26, 2005 26 Jul'05

    Customers warned of critical SAP flaw

    A flaw in SAP Internet Graphics Server can allow a hacker to gain user privileges and eventually access confidential SAP files, according to UK security firm Corsaire Ltd.  Continue Reading

  • July 25, 2005 25 Jul'05

    Former Siebel exec to lead SAP financial services push

    Former Siebel Systems vice president James Hughes will lead an expansion of financial services software in the U.S. and Canada.  Continue Reading

  • July 25, 2005 25 Jul'05

    Monitor your SAP BW and SAPGUI patch numbers

    Learn how to keep track of the SAP BW and SAPGUI patch levels your users have installed on their PC. This tip will tell you what SAP table to use in order to monitor BW and GUI patch levels.  Continue Reading

  • July 25, 2005 25 Jul'05

    Technical college or university?

    ITKnowledge Exchange member "neoCentric" had a question about the differences between technical schools and universities. Fellow techies jumped in on the conversation. Here is a portion of the conversation.  Continue Reading

  • July 22, 2005 22 Jul'05

    FAQ: BW reporting

    Pulling BW reports can be tricky business, which is why guys like Peter Scott are worth their weight in gold when time is short and the problems piled on high. Browse some of Peter's most common user questions and answers here.  Continue Reading

  • July 22, 2005 22 Jul'05

    FAQ: Ask the Expert

    Looking for expert advice? Before you pose your question to our panel of SAP experts, take a moment to see if your question may already have been answered. Visit the FAQ.  Continue Reading

  • July 22, 2005 22 Jul'05

    FAQ: SAPscript and Smart Forms

    Looking for advice on Smart Forms? Perhaps you have an old SAPscript problem that needs to be resolved? Chances are our expert Mark Smithson has already answered your question -- click here to browse his answers to the most common reader questions.  Continue Reading