• October 13, 2004 13 Oct'04

    Seeking bread and butter Basis positions

    I have been working as a Basis admin for 10+ years and I have experience in R/3 as well as multiple OS's & DB's. I am now on the market, but am finding it difficult, as many employers are looking for people with BW, AP0, CRM or other aspects of SAP,...  Continue Reading

  • October 13, 2004 13 Oct'04

    Moving to SAP PLM

    I am a PLM consultant from India with eight solid years of experience in IBM PLM in the Automotive and Aerospace industry. I wish to move to SAP PLM. Because I don't even know the ABCs of SAP, will it be the right decision to move to SAP PLM? The ...  Continue Reading

  • October 13, 2004 13 Oct'04

    From Java to NetWeaver or ABAP?

    I'm basically a Java programmer. Three years ago, I was trained on ABAP by our organization and did two projects on ABAP, upgradation and production support. Until now I didn't have any development experience. My question is, how can I proceed ...  Continue Reading

  • October 13, 2004 13 Oct'04

    SAP Banking

    I am wondering what your thought is regarding the prospect of SAP banking. I had been in the financial industry for more than 10 years (management auditor, risk management, head of a branch). In May 1999, I took the TeamSAP Academy CO course and ...  Continue Reading

  • October 13, 2004 13 Oct'04

    Switching to SAP XI or J2EE

    I have 6+ years of ABAP development experience but have not had any experience working with the Web/Java side of things (either in or outside of SAP). I now have the opportunity to expand my programming skills to J2EE or to get into SAP XI. ...  Continue Reading

  • October 13, 2004 13 Oct'04

    Is certification helpful to become a consultant?

    I am a SAP end user with 3 years experience in production planning. I am able to maintain material master, routing, BOM and generate/maintain production and sales orders. I have a bit of knowledge in other modules too. I am actively seeking the path...  Continue Reading

  • October 13, 2004 13 Oct'04

    The best career path

    I started my career as a ABAP consultant and was involved in 3 full life cycle implementations. Then I moved into integration product development (integrating SAP with PeopleSoft and Oracle APPs). I have good experience on BAPI's/RFC's/IDoc's and ...  Continue Reading

  • October 13, 2004 13 Oct'04

    Transferring from one ERP package to another

    I am a Baan consultant for the last 5 years. I had about 17 years of functional experience in sales before I moved into the Baan career. Though I started as a sales and distribution consultant, I learned the manufacturing modules of Baan and went on...  Continue Reading

  • October 13, 2004 13 Oct'04

    Do I need ABAP/NetWeaver certification?

     Continue Reading

  • October 13, 2004 13 Oct'04

    Becoming a business system analyst

    I have 5 years of experience as a SAP Basis admin and I stopped for 2 years. Right now I am taking up system analysis and design. Is it possible for for me to be a business stystem analyst spefically for SAP with my previous experience? Thanks.  Continue Reading