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Ask the Experts

  • Migrating SAP CRM 4.0

    How do I migrate SAP CRM 4.0 with J2EE, IPC and Trex? I am worried because CRM 4.0 is 620 and the latest migration CD comes with 620/640.  Continue Reading

  • SAPgui disconnection problem

    We are having a problem with clients disconnecting from the SAPgui. They are attempting to connect to a Solaris/Unix server through a firewall. We have found that the connection to the Wintel server is fine, but not the UNIX server. Clients on the ...  Continue Reading

  • Building a new PRD system from an online backup

    We currently run SAP R/3 on an Oracle 10.2 and are upgrading to ERP 2005 (Unicode conversion). Our Basis team has now made us aware that they are intending to build the new PRD system from an online backup with two days transactions rolled in using ...  Continue Reading

  • Generating an SAP installation key

    I am installing a new an SAP NetWeaver, Development Subscription and am at the SAPinst point of requiring the Solution Manager Key. I have read SAP note 805390 but do not understand how to get the key.  Continue Reading

  • Upgrading R/3 with smallest possible data loss

    Currently we run BW3.5; Our OLTP R/3 system is getting upgraded to ecc6 from SAP4.6c. The R/3 downtime for upgrade does not give us time to make entries in LBWQ zero. Is it possible to upgrade R/3 without making queue entries 0 and without suffering...  Continue Reading