Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts

  • Implementing PCard functionality

    What are the prerequisites and configuration settings for implementing PCard functionality in SRM? Also, how can we send the orders to vendors? Is invoicing possible in such a case? We are presently in an SRM classic scenario.  Continue Reading

  • Updating the absence infotype

    I need to update the absence infotype record with the attachment after the employee's leave request is approved by the manager. I have the attachment in my workflow work item. I can extract the attachment from workflow using Function Module (FM) "...  Continue Reading

  • Refreshing dynamic columns

    In the business workplace the refresh button in the workflow inbox is not refreshing the dynamic columns. How can we set it to refresh the dynamic columns?  Continue Reading

  • Clearing pending workflow items

    Is there a way to clear/complete pending workflow items? We just went live and we have discovered some bugs. As a result of the bugs we have some processes which show as a pending workflow. We have processed the changes using the GUI and now we ...  Continue Reading

  • Why connect Java programs to the SAP system?

    What is the role of Java in SAP and why do we connect Java programs to the SAP System? I do have some real time programming experience with Java but now I have since switched to SAP ABAP. I'm not familiar with Java as it pertains to SAP systems. ...  Continue Reading