Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts

  • Clearing pending workflow items

    Is there a way to clear/complete pending workflow items? We just went live and we have discovered some bugs. As a result of the bugs we have some processes which show as a pending workflow. We have processed the changes using the GUI and now we ...  Continue Reading

  • Why connect Java programs to the SAP system?

    What is the role of Java in SAP and why do we connect Java programs to the SAP System? I do have some real time programming experience with Java but now I have since switched to SAP ABAP. I'm not familiar with Java as it pertains to SAP systems. ...  Continue Reading

  • Viewing a list of SAP interfaces

    Is there a way to view a list of SAP interfaces such as RFC, BAPI and ALE?  Continue Reading

  • RFC timeout problems

    I have a WEB/AS based R/3 Internet sales RFC call calling to a 4.6D (Basis 620) R/3 system. My problem is with RFC timeouts; what is the default value and how can I change it? There is nothing that I can modify on the WEB/AS ICM admin side. Is there...  Continue Reading

  • Migrating SAP CRM 4.0

    How do I migrate SAP CRM 4.0 with J2EE, IPC and Trex? I am worried because CRM 4.0 is 620 and the latest migration CD comes with 620/640.  Continue Reading

  • SAPgui disconnection problem

    We are having a problem with clients disconnecting from the SAPgui. They are attempting to connect to a Solaris/Unix server through a firewall. We have found that the connection to the Wintel server is fine, but not the UNIX server. Clients on the ...  Continue Reading