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SAP ERP software and modules

  • Creating a batch input to create a product in CRM

    Is there a way to create a batch input to create a product in CRM? I've tried the BDC recording in transaction COMMPR01, but the recording failed (system not allowed). The alternative would be using BAPI call, which so far I've not yet worked out ...  Continue Reading

  • What are the most important skills required in SAP HR?

    I am right now learning SAP HR (technical), what are the most important skills/tasks required to be successful in this field or on this job?  Continue Reading

  • Altering authorizations

    I have set up structural authorizations to restrict users to display HR data on employees in their whole department. Unfortunately they cannot see holder relationships for employees who have left the organization and so cannot validate who was the ...  Continue Reading

  • CATT risks

    You responded to a previous question about entering 200 PD documents with "use CATT." I have heard from SAP people that CATT should not be used in production, and that SAP does not guarantee the result if it is not consistent to what they expect ...  Continue Reading