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Ask the Experts

SAP ERP software and modules

  • Record management and CRM solution

    Currently we are implementing a solution whereby both record management and CRM work together i.e. RMS sits on a CRM box. How do the roles work in this case? Must we use the roles for CRM separate from RMS?  Continue Reading

  • Should I give up my current job for SAP SCM?

    I am currently working on mainframes and have been doing so for the past three years. I have insurance domain knowledge which I gained through work experience. I want to start a career in SAP SCM, although I honestly do not know much about SAP. Is ...  Continue Reading

  • Getting an error message in SNP optimizer

    I am working with SNP optimizer. The scheduled planning run failed, it is showing the error message "SNP505". Please if possible, what are the possible error codes in SNP optimizer and their explanations?  Continue Reading

  • Becoming an SCM consultant

    I recently started SAP SCM training. It's a five week course (10 hours a week). After finishing the class, the company will help me improve my resume and will try to get me my first contract as well. I will have to work through them in the first ...  Continue Reading