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SAP ERP project management

  • Expanding and growing in SAP

    I have been working with a new SAP implementation at the company I am with. I have taken on the role of security administrator. I really like working with SAP and want to continue expanding and growing. Should I try to get with a consulting firm?  Continue Reading

  • SD to CRM

    I am a SD functional consultant with 2 implementation experiences. I have been into OSS for the last 3 months. What are the chances that this experience would be a major point of consideration (or rather a contention) incase I decide to move back ...  Continue Reading

  • Do I need ABAP/NetWeaver certification?

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  • From Java to NetWeaver or ABAP?

    I'm basically a Java programmer. Three years ago, I was trained on ABAP by our organization and did two projects on ABAP, upgradation and production support. Until now I didn't have any development experience. My question is, how can I proceed ...  Continue Reading

  • More trouble breaking into SAP

    I am in a pre-sales position involved in daily technical IT sales and supply chain management. I have done the SD course, because although a lot of what I do is technical a lot of it is also sales. So I enjoy the business process side of my position...  Continue Reading