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Working with simplified pricing to create a CRM quotation

Learn how to work with simplified pricing to create a CRM quotation. MySAP CRM expert Srini Katta provides step-by-step guidance for a user working with the system.

I'm trying to create a quotation -- transaction CRMD_BUS2000126 -- but I keep getting the error:

"No connection could be made to IPC."

We don't want to work via IPC, but with simplified pricing. What should I do?

For use of CRM documents without IPC (CRM Online Scenario, please follow the configuration settings below.

1. Customize all used item categories as pricing irrelevant.
i.e, In SPRO under CRM -- Basic Functions -- Pricing -- Pricing in the BusinessTransaction -- Activate Pricing for Item Categories, select the corresponding item category, move to the sales tab and un-check the flag pricing-rel.

2. Use non-configurable products.

3. In order to carry out pricing in OLTP, maintain the pricing, type CRM->R/3 as B. i.e In the table SMOFPARSFA, and maintain the value B for the parameter R3A_SALES-PRICINGTYPE.

4. Do not assign any product determination procedure to your transaction type.
i.e, In SPRO under CRM --Transactions -- Basic Settings -- Define Transaction Type, select your transaction type and move to details view and make sure that product substitution procedure field is empty.

5. Do not assign any free goods procedure to your sales organization, distribution channel, division, document, pricing procedure and customer pricing procedure combination.
i.e., In SPRO under CRM -- Basic Functions -- Free Goods -- Set Up Free Goods -- Assign Procedure, make sure that there is no procedure assigned for the above combination.

6. In order to get any R/3 changes back in CRM (for example R/3 pricing information to be reflected in CRM) data exchange scenario A needs to be active. (This substitutes the X,Y,Z scenarios in CRM 4.0). For more information on this refer to note 642944.
IPC in CRM is used for pricing, configuration, product determination and free goods determination. It is also needed to display conditions and configurations. It is clear that all these functionalities are not available without IPC. However, pricing agreements technically condition master data and can be processed without IPC.

If you install CRM without IPC you cannot do the following during products maintenance in CRM Product Master:

Use configurable products.
Use product variants.
Use multi value attributes. (In transaction COMM_ATTRSET , "Maintain Set types and Attributes").
Use "Extended attribute maintenance." It is not possible to set the indicator "Extended Maintenance (PME)" for category hierarchies (In transaction COMM_HIERARCHY, "Maintain Categories and Hierarchies"). This means, that you cannot maintain default values and value limitations on category level. It is also not possible to assign set types with multi value attributes to a category.

Internet Sales Scenario:
Steps to run Javabasket without IPC: In config_data.xml of component basket ,set forceIPCPricing parameter to false. The config_data.xml file is present in Web-inf/classes of the deployed application.
Cannot use configurable products.

Steps to run Catalog without IPC:
Turn off pricing using IPC i.e use list prices. This can be done in the Web shop maintenance UI by selecting pricing determination to be via list prices taken from the index server. If you choose IPC Pricing catalog will show no prices.

Cannot use configurable products

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