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I just got my certification in CRM/Procurement on R/3 4.6C in Germany and my plans are to work as an SAP trainer. Can you give me any advise about the best strategy to find SAP customers who need my training and eLearning services? I am already a practicing IT trainer, mainly teaching MS Office but also a little SAP basics. Do you see any chances to work in the US?
I'm not a huge fan of the SAP training career path, primarily because SAP implementations are costly enough that companies tend to skimp on SAP training. Small SAP training budgets equal less SAP training jobs. And, generally speaking, training roles pay less than functional roles. There may be a small SAP training job market in the U.S., but if I were you, I would do some careful research before making a big leap. Check out the job boards and see what you can find out there first. If you can't find training positions on job boards, that's a warning sign that the market for those skills might be weak. Remember also that SAP training is primarily dominated by a handful of large vendors, so you would probably have to work for those vendors (or SAP itself) to be an SAP trainer. I have known many excellent SAP trainers over the years, but very few of them are still in the field, and only one is still operating as a successful independent consultant. I don't like to throw cold water on anyone's career ambitions, but "look before you leap" is the phrase that comes to mind here.
This was last published in August 2003

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