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Workflows vs. SAP reporting

According to expert Alon Raskin, a point comes when regular SAP reporting should be considered instead of Workflows, especially for high volume data. Raskin discusses this and what SAP is doing about it in this expert response.

I see much information on the advantages of implementing SAP Workflow, such as situations involving exception handling or situations in which business processes have to be repeated thoroughly. When is SAP Workflow not a good idea to implement or when is basic SAP reporting preferential over Workflow?

For example, wouldn't processes involving high volumes be better suited with simple reporting instead of a user getting flooded with hundreds of requests to work on?

I love this question. This is one question that I struggle with on every implementation I have been on. I do agree that a process that generates a high volume number of work items is possibly not a good candidate for Workflow.

The reality is that the SAP Inbox (Business Workplace) is not designed to handle tens of thousands of work items. In fact, SAP is addressing this with functionality called Business Process Exception Management (BPEM). This tool uses SAP Workflow as one of its processing options but is better suited to higher volume work.

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