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Workflow implementation with HR

We are investigating the implementation of workflow in our organization. Our SAP system supports 9 different countries, however only one of them uses HR. We are looking at the best option to manage the workflow organizational structure. We are looking for some advice regarding whether we should have one large org structure or a separate one for each country. The non-HR countries would only need a small one with the workflow positions on them. In addition do you have any thoughts on transporting this vs. maintaining it dynamically in the production system? We currently maintain the rog structure dynamically. Can you confirm that Objects O,C, S and P all share the same number ranges? Is this also true of the Quals catalogue and object E, L 7 D in training and events?
Now this is ambitious question. My answer is going to be a very broad mile-high view type of answer because this is basically an entire project rolled into one question. It is a great question though. The answer, as you might expect, is, "It depends." It depends on a lot of things for a lot of your answers. Do you plan to use structural authorizations? How big is your organization? Do you have the personnel to maintain the org structure in all of those places? I would say that I have a strong preference for maintaining the org structure in production because the transport mechanism is laborious in a lot of ways for even a medium size organization. The objects you listed do not share the same number ranges so that is not a problem.

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