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Workaround for an error connecting to SAP using SAPjco.jar

Read expert advice for a user who is encountering an error an while trying to connect to SAP using SAPjco.jar.

When I connect to my SAP system from a Java application using SAPjco.jar, it throws the following exception:

"103) RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: You are not authorized to logon to the target system (error code 1)."

I have a user ID and password through which I can access SAP system by the Web environment. To access the SAP system by SAPjco.jar, what type of user ID should be used? Is there any other access method to be used?

Make sure that your user has access to RFC_SYST in the user profile. You can use a dialog user, as long as that user can execute an RFC. Try executing the same RFC through SE37 to make sure you user can call that function module.

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