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With 80% functional and 20% technical skills, can I get a position in SD?

Hi Jon,

I started my SAP career as an ABAP developer and with due course have migrated towards SD functional support person...

in a span of three years. My current profile is about 80% functional skills and 20% technical. If I have to grow further in the SD side, is it best to do my SAP certification in the SD module and then try for a full-time assignment in SD module?

Exactly. It's great to hear from people that have a clear sense of how certification can positively impact them. Certification can help you a lot in this case -- when you're looking to expand from one area of SAP to another, in this case from ABAP to SD, you want to get certified in the area you're targeting.

The only thing you might want to do is to consider skipping over SD entirely and going right for SAP CRM. SD skills are still marketable, but SAP CRM is having a very good year; and since it's been around a lot less longer than SD, you won't have to compete against functional consultants with eight to 10 years of experience.

This was last published in September 2005

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