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With 400 programming experience, should I learn ABAP to move into SAP BW?

Learn Jay Narayanan's recommendations for a 400 programmer who wants to move into SAP. This programmer is seeking advice as he is deciding between Basis and BW.

I am working as a 400 programmer and I want to switch to a career in SAP -- but I am confused as to whether to select SAP Basis or SAP BW. Can you advise me regarding these modules and the prerequisites?
Since you have programming experience, I think it would be easier for you to learn ABAP, which is SAP's programming language, then try to pursue your career as a BW developer/consultant. Even though it is not mandatory to know ABAP to be a BW developer, it makes you more valuable. You may consider a career in SAP Basis at a later stage, after you have some SAP experience or if you have some database administration experience.

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