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Will knowledge of MM help in becoming a Basis administrator?

Learn Jon Reed's advice for a reader with MM experience who wants to become a Basis administrator.

Will my knowledge in MM help in becoming a Basis administrator? I have worked for two companies and have three years experience in SAP. At my first company, I was the project lead for an MM implementation with assistance from some onsite consultants. At my second company, I was part of the implementation team and currently supporting MM, setting up users, maintaining PR, PO and Invoice release tables etc. I really want to dive deep into SAP -- do you think a career in Basis administration would be good for me?
You have two questions. First: does MM knowledge help in Basis administration? Not particularly. Of course, in any technical SAP role, your functional knowledge will help you to do your job better and work more effectively with super-users. However, MM knowledge helps you no more or less on the Basis side than any other functional area.

As for "diving deep into SAP," you do so from either the functional or technical direction. I'd be tempted, if I were you, to stay on the functional side and move into more cutting edge functional areas like online supplier auctions (SRM) or perhaps APO or PLM. Managing materials and inventory is mission critical stuff to most companies, perhaps even more so than IT operations that Basis would get you into. If you do pursue a technical career path, I'd skip Basis entirely and move into NetWeaver-related technologies. It's a huge mistake to try to move into new areas of SAP without fully understanding the NetWeaver technical platform and how it affects the latest releases of SAP.

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