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Will an MBA help make up for weak technical skills?

Being a telecom refugee, I'm studying BW and SEM on my own, looking to do something constructive with my free time and hoping to grow a career option. With no SAP or recent programming experience, I suspect my career opportunities are grim. However, in addition to my engineering degree, corporate "mis-information system" experience, and high tech knowledge, does my MBA from a Top 20 school brighten my prospects to an acceptable probability of successful entry? In self-marketing, are there tangible advantages to having an MBA in SEM work?
Well, I always like to see an MBA on a resume - though never at the expense of relevant hands-on experience. Certainly, any type of financial background is going to help you in the SEM area. I admire your determination to break into SAP, and I like the fact that you are studying up on both BW and SEM, as the two are tightly linked. Lack of programming experience is not a major problem for you, but certainly your lack of SAP experience is an issue. Your best bet is to try to land a permanent position with an SAP user that is either running on SEM or looking into it. Don't worry about landing an SAP-oriented position for now, just try to get on board with an SAP user that wants to hire you because of your current skills. At that point, at least you'll be able to approach SAP from the inside, where you might be able to pull some strings that are not available to you at this point. Good luck!

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