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Why you shouldn't change SAP-related workflows in an SWUI

A SAP user wants to know if it Is possible to change an SAP-created workflow within a Semantic Web User Interaction (SWUI).

Is it possible to have a newly-created workflow show up in a Semantic Web User Interaction (SWUI)? It appears that SAP has specific workflows designated for this area.

It would be nice to have a central location like this to manually release workflows. Is there any harm in manually changing one of these SAP-created workflows and saving it as a new revision? This would enable the users to use SWUI as a launching point.

I would recommend against it. I do not believe SAP will support any issues that arise from workflow which were triggered from this transaction, as this was not the intent of the transaction.

You may want to create your own "Z" version of this transaction which gives your users a central location to trigger workflows. Changing SAP-created workflow is referred to as a system "modification" and can cause issues during upgrades and application of service packs.

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