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Why use portals instead of an Intranet?

If our company already has a great Intranet, why would we use Portal instead of continuing to use custom R/3 screens?

The purpose of EP is not to simply make web pages for data entry forms. The R/3 screens do this quite well. However, you may be using several tools to build different websites to hook websites in your Intranet. If your company is happy with existing environment, then I do not see any reason why you need to deploy SAP EP. Note that most Intranets use web server's search engines and they are not sophisticated, content management and Integration options are limited. Without doing extensive development work, it is hard to implement true knowledge sharing and collaborative integrated environment through typical Websites (Intranets.) Portals simply provide technologies to do that all. So first you need to identify the problem that you want to address with portals.

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