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Why it's valuable to research error messages through the SAP OSS process

Mastering how to research on the OSS system can be valuable, says security expert Corwin Slack. Learn more in this tip.

We are working on implementing the role-based concept. We have one role that we usually assign to all SAP users, and it contains general display, spool access, etc.

Since this role should be assigned to all users and we don't want to assign it to each position separately, we assign this role to the organizational unit, not position.

When we try to do the "indirect user assignment reconciliation," we are getting an information message saying, "You have not logged onto the central system," and we can't get rid of this message unless we keep hitting Enter many times. Then a caution message comes up: "Caution! Indirect user assignments have not been reconciled."

Also, when we try to do the user comparison we are getting the same message: "You have not logged onto the central system."

We are in R/3 Enterprise and we don't use the CUA.

This is the kind of question that should be researched through the SAP OSS process. Clearly the system is not working as you would expect (i.e., You are getting an error message that is indicative that the central user administration (CUA) is turned on when it is not.)

Researching these types of problems is a valuable SAP skill. Be sure to describe every possible detail about the problem. Message numbers can be very valuable assistance to someone trying to research such a problem. Mastery of the SAP debugging and trace tools can also be very useful.

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