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Why is 'vi rfcexec script ' always successful?

We want to start our EDI-subsystem when writing an IDoc file to a UNIX directory. The script called vi rfcexec works fine. The IDocs are updated with status '18'.

My problem is, that the call is always successful, even if I enter a script that does not exist in the port for outbound trigger. I also tried exiting the UNIX script with a status code unequal to '0' -- still the call is seen as successful. I debugged the ABAP 'SRFCEXEC', and also here the CALL FUNCTION 'RFC_REMOTE_EXEC' has a SY-SUBRC '0' in case of the script called does not exist. Do you have any idea why this is the case?

Sounds like a bug. The C source code SRFCEXEC is provided in the RFC SDK, I guess you want to fix it. If you do not want to recompile everything, then you can call the script indirectly by calling a new command shell (I think it is the "ENV" command in UNIX). Then you should get an error text if the script is not there.

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