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Why is a workflow attachment not showing in the workflow container?

SAP workflow expert Alon Raskin describes how to determine that an attachment is correctly attached in a workflow.

I have a workflow template with the following tasks:

  • Display the equipment.
  • Approve the changes in the equipment (here the user can create an attachment and reject the changes).
  • If it is rejected, send a message with the attachment problem.
When you say, "but if I check the log, the container has this attachment," do you mean the workflow container or the task container? The task container must contain the attachment in order for it to appear as an attachment in the work item. Make sure that you are binding the appropriate container elements into the task.
The problem is that the message in the workplace does not have the attachment, but if I check the log, the container has this attachment. How do I show the attachment in the message?

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