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Why does my SAP workflow work in debugging mode, but not normal mode

Workflow expert Alon Raskin describes how to resolve an error message when the SAP workflow is not working in normal mode.

I am using workflow for DMS. I have configured a workflow so that whenever a document is created, an e-mail should be sent to the concerned person. In SWEL, the event trace is with Green LED with a message that reads:

"RFC destination WORKFLOW_LOCAL_200 does not exist"

When I test the workflow in SWUS in the debugging mode, it is working. But in normal mode it is not working. What could cause this?

In order to run workflow in your system, you should execute transaction SWU3 and run the auto-customizing option for SAP workflow. Depending on how much authorization you have, you may need to have a friend who is a Basis administrator execute this for you. This will take care of the error that you're seeing.

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